What is #Carnivore75Hard?

We all desire to be our best selves. We want to change and for the better. But often times, real life gets in the way and many of those days, it’s easier to go back to old habits.

Habits take about 66 days to stick. But studies have also shown that it’s not the timeframe that’s important but the how often that matters.

#Carnivore75Hard has both covered.

#Carnivore75Hard is a mental fitness challenge that guides you through 75 days of dedicated consistency. By focusing hard on diet, healing, movement, mindset and community, after 75 days you will see your grit and resiliency.

Most of all, you will see your transformation.

What's included in the program?

  • 7 sections packed with information to assist you with completing this challenge

  • 4 worksheets designed to get you focused on important lessons and action steps

  • Additional resources such as Trackers and access to an exclusive Facebook group for accountability and support

  • 24/7 access for you to learn and implement on your own schedule

  • 45 page community cookbook with recipes

Losing 50 pounds is just the start

Robert C

"I'm very thankful to have done this challenge, it seems like the best way to get me motivated is to give me a challenge to achieve, and this one really has helped me establish good habits that I truly believe will carry on long after the challenge ends."

Better equipped to reach weight goals

Jose C

"I gained so much knowledge about myself and listening to my body on what it needs to become better. I was able to heal an upset stomach that Keto wasn’t able to fix, and being bloated all the time because of the nuts and plants I was eating."

"My gains were mental fortitude"

Molly H

"..Another gift is that I completed this challenge with very few missteps. This would not have been possible in the past. I feel stronger, like I can do anything now."

Can't hide the benefits

Shari T

"I've also influenced quite a few people around me to go carnivore for their own health, just by seeing my improvements."

Feeling much better

Patricia M

"The Carnivore75hard challenge helped me make the commitment to myself. 75 days later And I feel great, no hunger, no cravings and most importantly, I no longer have any symptoms/Arthritis pain at all. I will forever be grateful of this challenge, thank you so much."

"My clothes began to fit again perfectly"

Johanna M

"I feel I regained my freedom from food addiction, I had started to feel like I was slowly losing control again and the timing for me to find this challenge was just perfect."

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  • I've already completed the challenge. Anything new?

    This program uses much of the same content from the first #Carnivore75Hard challenge but there are some new videos and elements. #Carnivore75Hard is meant for everyone and is evergreen. You can always use this program as a refresh tool or for an extra bit of motivation, when needed.

  • How much does this program cost?

    $0. It's free and always will be.